The Mihir Chronicles

Bird That Keeps Building

August 17, 2023

Does a bird need a plan to build its nest?

It does not have an architectural plan. It does not have a wireframe. Neither does it care about a business plan nor a deadline.

A bird just keeps building to lay its eggs.

It starts building a nest by weaving together grass and twigs to form a basket and use binding material such as mud to hold its nest.

But mother nature is unyielding to these gentle birds. The heavy storm, wind or hail brings the nest down with its forceful impact that is under construction.

The bird watches the destruction from far. After the storm settles and the sun rises back again, so does the bird. It gets back to work.

One weave at a time, with extra care, but with steady pace.

The bird puts a great deal of time and attention into preparing for its approaching offspring.

A clutch finally arrives, chicks get stronger, wings widen, and they are set free to soar on their own.

And the bird shows up next year with same focus to do it all over again. This time too without a plan.

A valuable lesson for us humans on how to build. The way to build a nest is by building a nest.