The Mihir Chronicles

Declare Do Repeat

August 05, 2023

What are the mechanics of a reliable do-er?

In an increasing world of information and choices, a commitment of an individual is as good as its character. Success is measured in reliable outcomes, but how can one produce reliable outcomes?


50% of it is showing up. It is a superpower of any individual. The best operators in the world possess this quality. They are the kind of people who never miss showing up.

They create incredible value without any monetary expectations by being trustworthy and showing up for causes they believe in and standing up for what is right.

They prioritize, execute with speed, and cancel all distractions. It is a simple formula, but hard to follow.

Discipline is their friend. They set boundaries. They admire accountability.

Even in the absence of knowledge or facing hardships, they show up. They do not bail when people around them are not doing well. They are there for both wins and losses.

Team is greater than self-interest. They do not seek validation or permission. They are a repeat player on the team.

These are the mechanics of showing up. They have a reliable presence.


The rest of it is getting it done because execution is your moat. Be a participant, not a spectator.

Former US President Barack Obama once shared his most important career advice for young people—“Just learn how to get stuff done.”

These words again are simple, but the impact is astronomical. You can argue that ideas matter, but you cannot argue against ideas without action is worth nothing.

It is not about talk the talk. It is about walk the walk. Showing up without doing is pointless. Magic happens when you turn ideas into action and get things done.

Rising above noise is where the change-makers are. Inspiring the world around you with action is better than just words. MBA kids pay attention to market surveys, analysis and planning. Entrepreneurs just go out there and sell to see what happens. The paranoids survive who are customer obsessed, have ownership mindset, act with sense of urgency and learn from doing.

The clock doesn't stop. Time is undefeated. Only way to compete time is to do things. Once you do something, time cannot take it away. Take charge and get things done.

Saying you'll do it, then doing it in a short amount of time is a recipe for reliability. Become an uncertainty killer.

Declare, do, and repeat.