The Mihir Chronicles

More Zeroes More Weight

September 01, 2023

Why does money feel burdensome?

Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of making a lot of money. I made calculated decisions in choosing my professional career, so I could earn a lot.

A great monetary outcome is not a bad thing, but you have to recognize the weight it bears.

We all understand the pointlessness of money, yet we pursue it in life. There is a certain threshold that the utility of money is critical for survival, but after a certain point, the utility of money starts fading.

Seneca observed in one of his letters how often powerful people are slaves to their money. Consider the actions we take or the lengths we go in order to impress other people.

Money can distort your spiritual awareness if you don't keep your desires in check.

Money does not define an arbitrary rating of human value. Humans have soul. And our character is defined by how great our soul is, not by how deep our pockets are.

Don't let money hijack your soul.

Money is a tool. It is like calories for your body, and the purpose of a calorie is to fuel your body, so you can perform your daily human tasks. But you don't go to a grocery store to buy calories. It's a means to an end and so is money.

Money is a required pursuit in life, but pointless upon death.

More zeroes, more weight there is to it.